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August 25, 2013
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Interactive app, click on things! There's a hidden easter egg , can u find it? :3c

Might not run properly in recent versions of Internet Explorer, Android and iPhone stock browser.
Link to a static app in case it doesn't play in your browser:

Name: Claes Storm
Age: 15

Claes Storm had a lively childhood, his father owned a big company so his life was a pretty glamorous but that all changed during his early teens. His father's company went bankrupt and his life turned upside down, he went from being a rich boy to living in the slums due to the massive debt the company left them.
There was constant tension in the house, his parents argued 24/7 and eventually his father left and was never seen again. His mom turned into an alcoholic doing questionable odd jobs just to make rent.

Claes personal life was deeply affected, he was enrolled in a private school luckily their fee had been paid before hand so he didn't need to leave immediately but that didn't make his life easy, he was constantly picked on by his classmates for being a poor boy, his stubborn personality and unwillingness to submit meant he was constantly in fights.
His mum was always drunk and never gave him any attention this was normal but one day she turned violent towards him for something he can't even remember, this was the last drop.
That night he packed his school bag, his mum was passed out so he took the opportunity to run away from home.
He didn't realize how far he had walked, the slums were creepy, there was trouble every corner. He felt exhausted, he finds a safe dark corner and sits down to take a breather but that is when it all comes rushing back to him, he can't hold his tears anymore... "Let it all out, I'm here for you", Claes looks around surprised, who said that? he wonders, he wipes away his tears and gets up, he notices a bright light coming out from around the corner, as he walks closer he hears that mysterious voice again... "Do you want to run away?" as he comes even closer... "Do you want to go to a world where your problems don't exist?", as he peeks around the corner he is faced by a little small creature, It wears a hood with a bright yellow collar and two pointy cat years, Its face is like a mask, it is yellow and black with two huge bright eyes but its compassionate smile is what stops him from feeling scared, "Come with me, together we can overcame anything life throws at us" it says, "Grab this so we can go run away together" as It says this some sort of device forms out of thin air right before his eyes, "I can't stay here any longer... Make your decision", Claes grabs the device, the creature smiles..."You can ask me any questions later, for now i need to rest, my name is Turbastimon, that device is a Xros Loader, it will let you know when we arrive at the Digital World", the bright light surrounds Claes.
He wakes up with the Xros loader beeping, he is somewhere else, "Hey! you woke up!" Turbastimon says, "You can ask me all the questions as we walk towards the Bits and Bytes competition, I need to find my sister, she's gone missing and I've got a lead that she's there"
Claes Storm and Turbastimon's adventure starts here.


Name Turbastimon (a.k.a Basti)

She and Turbinekomon( ) are sisters and grew up together, they got along well but one day Turbinekomon disappeared.
This isn't normal, she would have said something before she left so this left Turbastimon worried, she went around trying to find clues to her whereabouts, eventually she got a lead that she's got a tamer and she was seen going towards the Bits and Bytes competition.
There was a special spot where there was a link between the Digital and the Human world, she remembers going there with her sister all the time since you could see glimpses of that world and if you listenned carefully you could hear them too, "Digimon can grow stronger when partned with a Human" she recals as she sits there staring into the human world, "If i get a Tamer I'll be able to find my sister more easily" she says to herself, suddenly Claes comes into view, this human seems troubled, he is alone walking through dark and dangerous places, her holy ring collar starts glowing, "That's unusual... Is he is the one destined for me?" she thinks to herself, she gets up and the glow surrounds her body and transports her to the human world where she meets Claes.

Turbastimon is pretty friendly and approchable, she puts up a strong front though she is quite sensitive, like Claes she tries to hide any negative emotions like anger and sadness, she doesn't like sit still and waste time, she is very patient and understanding but if she is pushed beyond her limits she turns scary, she becomes aggressive and rude, unleashing everything she was thinking onto the person who did her wrong, sometimes Claes even has to hold her back, once she calms down she gets super embarrassed that she showed such an ugly side.

Special Tech:
Jet Headbutt:

From a short blast from the jet Turbine in the back of her head she headbutts you at mach speed. The Mask face protects her from recoil damage.

Move 1:
Turbo Combat:

She performs quick and strong close combat strikes propelled by her arm's Turbines.

Move 2:
Gust blast

She plants her feet into the ground, raises her arms in front of her and does a short blast from her arm's engines shooting a piercing air ball.

:new:In-Training Form:



-He is wearing his School Uniform, his bag was left behind so that's all he's got.
-Athletic and good at close combat due to all the fights he's been on.
-Surprisingly good at math and such.
-Still get's surprised every time he sees a different digimon, he's still getting used to it all.... but he is very curious about them, he wants to ask them questions but gets shy and holds back.

-Turbastimon is of the same egg group as Turbinekomon and they share a lot of similarities.
-She learnt a lot of her moves from her sister.
-Of the sisters, Basti is the more childish one, her sister is the more responsible one and had to always save Basti from trouble.
-Turbastimon is based in the designs of Airplane turbine engines and Jet engines plus an Egyptian colour theme and the Egyptian goddess Bastet, not to mention very inspired by Turbinekomon's design.
-Her arms are quite heavy so she doesn't tend to raise them above shoulder level.
-She likes to walk by facing her turbines to the ground, gently blowing air out of them just to lift her up a few inches of the ground and then hopping like she was in the moon.
-Fastest way to calm her down: Diginoir.

Characters ME
Digimon Digimon
Bits and Bytes OCT #BitsandBytesOCT
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